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The vision of the RMP Board of Standards is to collaborate with industry players, state and federal regulators, consumers, and the news media to create a mortgage industry that is proud of its service, character and moral aptitude; a society that respects the professionals who promote the American dream; and a career path that is inviting and strong for candidates. 

In order to best progress towards this vision, the RMP Board of Standards invites all companies and individuals touched by the mortgage profession to become RMP Essential Supporters.  This professional affiliation opportunity with the RMP program will allow for support with no boundaries. 

The RMP Board of Standards asks that RMP Essential Supporters do the following:


Review and sign the RMP Essential Supporters Pledge
to the Profession.


List your name and company
on the RMP website as visible support to the mission.


Become resources to the
RMP Board of Standards
when needed.


No fee to support RMP

The RMP Board of Standards envisions gaining support from small to large mortgage companies, state and federal regulators and regulating bodies, mortgage education providers, state and national mortgage associations, news media outlets, real estate companies and associations, title companies, consumer advocacy groups, and more. 

The difference between becoming an RMP Essential Supporter and an RMP is, RMPs are able to use the designation on business cards, marketing materials, and websites to display affiliation. RMPs are also profiled on the RMP website for potential borrowers to access at no cost. The RMP designation is for those individuals who choose to promote their ethical practices, compliance with laws, and commitment to excellence for consumers. Becoming an RMP Essential Supporter means you or your company will visibly support our mission by being listed on this website as a supporter. There is no fee to become an RMP Essential Supporter. 


Stay Informed

As a Registered Mortgage Professional it's important to keep up-to-date and be aware of changing regulations. We'll post the latest on the RMP Blog, visit and subscribe, 

Take the Pledge

Become a RMP Essential Supporter at no cost. An Essential Supporter means you or your company will visibly support our mission by being listed on this website as a supporter.